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 "Fashion is more than just the clothes you wear or the style of your hair, its what you make it. You're the artist and the paint brush is in your hand, its time to design the world." -Sydney B.

     My aesthetic had evolved to be something that's feminine, beautiful, over the top, soft, embellished, and always eye pleasing. These things have always inspired me and caught my eye. I'm a magnet to looks such as Elise Saab's couture designs. Sweet, embellished, feminine, classic, yet pleasing, he doesn't seem to over think his creations, he's inspired by the natural and realistic beauty of things. But always give his sometimes simplistic garments a boost with eye catching embellishments. I have two sides to me though, I'm ready-to-wear and Couture. I have a personal blog where i paint a picture of exactly that as well ( it's pretty much a self made mood board that ends up helping to inspire me for new  and upcoming creations. I can look over what I've posted if I;m facing a case of "designers block" or just in general when its time for a new design/creation.

    As an aspiring designer I'm inspired by other designer. Now most designers/artist like to act as if they're inspired by an abstract art piece or a walk in the park or a deep social/intellectual concept. In all actuality it really isn't that deep, for me at me least. I'm inspired by pieces that have been created already or even just something i thought up in my head that i cant really quite explain. Now, ill give them credit, while maybe some people are actually inspired by those elements its just a little simpler for me, for the most part. Nothing, in fashion at least can be a brand new innovative creation never done before in any other way, but it can be recreated, re-imagined and redesigned.

   I am Micheal Angelo and the runway is my canvas. Fashion design is a creative outlet for me and photo shoots have been as well. I see my self in 5 years a graduate of fit first of all, presenting many shows, doing shots and making a slightly above modest living with my passion.

   We all can aspire to greatness, just set the goal for your self, stick to it and you can achieve. That's my out look, so i see no reason why i cant be the sole author to my novel, the chief editor to my "life" magazine nor the Michael Angelo to my blank canvas. There greatness in all of us, i was born this way, were you?

Style Journal: Futuristic make up shoot
The dark side of the future
"avatar" Inspired nature alien girl; the innocent side of the future  

Diamond girl: the glamours "alienistic" side of the future
Side note from the style journal experience, not too many people really stared at me or made too much of a fuss. But heck, its New York they've seen worse New Yorker's are immune to it all. It was also fun not necessary because i found new looks to try but i got to experiment with my make up skills which i didn't know, i guess i had. I'm now confidant to try out looks on my self now.

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